All songs composed, arranged and produced by Heiner d'Alquen.

Sebastian Gramss Double Bass on 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8
Alice Rose Vocals/Lyrics on 8, 10
Frederik Köster Flugelhorn on 6
Zuzana Leharová 1st violin on 7
Christine Moran 2nd Violin on 7
Sam Moran Cello on 7
Marco Ten Wolde Drum FX on 1
Heiner d‘Alquen Yamaha Clavinova, Melodica, Harmonica, Programming

Recorded, mixed and mastered at picturemusic&sound studios
Sound engineers: Tom Vermaaten, Stefan Meetz


No1    Phiquastra - 5:18
No2    Nonino - 4:59
No3    Sitofiola - 5:49
No4    Ynvole - 2:21
No5    649 Cigarettes - 5:16
No6    Inchromes - 6:48
No7    Rève Eveillé - 5:14
No8    One Missing - 4:08
No9    Vespighua - 4:15
No10  649 Cigarettes - The other side - 5:16

describes 10 minutes while I was sitting by the Rhine river, staring at the water, lost in thought.
Within this time firstly a dead pigeon was swept along the river with the current, followed by a perfectly shaped piece of shit dancing on the ripples, and then by a passing red rose.

is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla's father Vicente Piazzolla, nicknamed Nonino, who presented to his son Astor with his first Bandoneon, with which he achieved world fame for his passionate and igneous tango interpretation.

649 Cigarettes
is about a man who is addicted to his umbrella. For years he
hasn‘t been able to take a shower without it. Today he celebrates
the second day of finally kicking the habit.
What has made him make this crucial decision? Two days ago when he was sucking on a cigarette while taking a shower, he noticed that drops of water from a small hole in his umbrella had extinguished the cigarette.
It‘s not worth it, he thought. He got out of the shower, lit up
another cigarette and realized that extensive use of an umbrella
while smoking in the shower, seriously damages the umbrella.
Sometimes it‘s as simple as that.

On the phone you listen to a woman‘s voice at a directory
enquiries service or any other hotline. It sounds awesome and you try to picture the person behind.

INCHROMES is dedicated to my family:
Jennifer, Thomas, Anette, Susanne, Gerda and Heinrich Franz Maria d’Alquen. Thx to my family, Frank Kretschmer, Michael Nellinger, Oliver Schrott, Wolfgang Schüler, Stefan Meetz, Frank Gilges, Georg Raab, Marco Ten Wolde, Antoine Van Oplynus, Leonard Ward and Sebastian Gramss.
Special thx to Tom Vermaaten for his patience and excellent work - and all the fabulous musicians who helped making this happen.

The great cover design was done by Vivian Schmidt based on the inspired art work by Yvonne Diefenbach.

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Inchromes, Heiner d'Alquen
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Marco Ten Wolde
Zuzana Leharová
Alice Rose
Yvonne Diefenbach
Sebastian Gramss
Frederik Köster
Wolfgang Schüler

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animated by Eduard Simota:
649 Cigarettes - The other side

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INCHROMES Heiner d'Alquen